Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Easy, Peezy, Pumpkin Pie!"

I keep hearing, "You know thees word! It is 'Easy, Peezy, Pompkin Pie!'" throughout my classroom this morning as my students were studying together for their last vocabulary test. It's been fun to watch their vocabulary grow and understanding improve over these very quick two weeks! The thing I will miss the most is the daily journaling with each of my students. It's been a sweet gift for me each day!  I will also miss our time of reading the bible together and singing English praise songs. Below is a clip my student David reading King David's charge to his son, Solomon. Below that is a brief clip of my class singing, "Your Grace Is Enough". during our worship time in class this morning.

David reading from I Kings 2:1-12
Jr. High students singing "Your Grace Is Enough" during our class worship time.

My kids have worked hard during this English camp and have also had a lot of fun in the process! I have always had such a high regard for my colleagues who teach our students every day, but that regard is even higher now!! "THANK YOU!!" to all of my teacher friends! You have a hard and WONDERFUL job!

I got up early this morning and wrote a note to each of my students letting them know I would miss them. I wanted to encourage them to continue reading the bible and continue studying English too.
(I figured a Snickers bar was another good thing to give them before we parted company... I heard that chocolate is a universal language in and of itself...)
It is much too hard for me to believe these two weeks have passed. I thank God for the wonderful experiences I've had with these seven Jr. High students! I will never forget Jihye, June, Heesu, David, Jake, Joshua or Harry. Below are some pictures of my crew from this morning.

Harry & Joshua reading our bible passage this morning to the class from I Kings 2:1-12.
One last picture before they take their vocabulary test!
I look forward to keeping in touch with my new journaling pals. They said today that since we can no longer journal each day that they would email with me. I hope they do!

Tomorrow morning we will attend the Closing Ceremony of the English Mission Camp, have lunch one last time with our students, then wave goodbye as their parents pick them up or they hop on one of the busses to go home. THEN, the Tall Oaks team will pack up, clean up, hopefully go out to dinner in Mungyeon and prepare for our Saturday morning departure for the airport.

Thank you all for praying for us. Your prayers have been a great source of encouragement to us as we have seen God answer prayers in miraculous ways this past month! We are all really looking forward to being home to share some of those miraculous details when we get there!

From a heart overflowing with gratitude and love for my Savior, Jesus,

Janet <><


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  1. Hi Honey,
    Thanks to you, Audra, Jaime, Hannah, Valerie, Josh and Matt for all of your blog postings over this past month! They have really helped give your family, friends, prayer supporters a picture of what you have experienced in Korea, and how to continue to lift you up in prayer.
    David: nice job on the reading!
    Jr High Class: great job singing "Your grace is enough!"
    All of us are grateful that the team has stepped out, in humility, to follow God's leading you to Korea to invest in the lives of these kids and spread the truth and love of Christ to them!
    We are also grateful that you will be home in just a couple of days! While we know God has used you for this time in Korea...we are really looking forward to having you back home!
    See you Saturday night!