Tuesday, August 6, 2013

English Missions Camp, Week 2

^lame title, I know.
Now that that's out of the way, I'll get to what I have to share with you all! It's Tuesday night here, and we have 2 days left teaching in the English Missions Camp :( We are all so sad that we will have to say goodbye to our sweet students on Friday morning before flying home Saturday. This is our 4th week in Korea, and it feels like home in some ways. We'll be so happy to see our families, but sad to leave behind this chapter of life that God has blessed so richly!
Last weekend, we had so much fun connecting with our students outside of the classroom. On Saturday, we went to a beautiful park where the kids played for a little while. Keeping track of everyone was a little difficult though. Then, we went to what was described to us as a Slip-n-Slide, but it was really a turf hill sprayed with sprinklers that we went down on sleds! If that didn't make any sense, look at the pictures (: The students (and teachers!) loved it!

this moth was huge!

the view behind our dorm

On Sunday, we were able to rest in the morning before church. After an encouraging message from one of the Global Vision Christian School principles, we played a Bible-craft-game-thing with our respective classes. We all got a different Bible verse in Korean and English along with glue, scissors, paper, and newspaper to cut out letters from to reconstruct the verse. Then the students had to memorize the verse. It was really fun! We had a few hours off, so our Tall Oaks family went to Home Plus (like Target) in the city to purchase some groceries and gifts and eat dinner. When we got back to the campus, we had a pajama party with all the EMC students! The students were divided into 2 rooms based off their ages, and we played "American games" with them. In the room with levels 1-4 (7-11 year olds), we played musical chairs, do you love your neighbor?, random dancing, and ate snacks. We all had the best time (:

the nearby city of Mungyeong

preparing for musical chairs

On Monday, teaching changed for Hannah, Valerie, Josh, and I. Elementary students sponsored by the government came to attend camp that would be different from EMC. During the first week, we each had 7-8 students. Hannah and Valerie both taught Level 3 classes, and Josh and I both taught Level 4 classes (our friends from Cali did the same for Levels 5 & 6). Now, levels 3-6 are combined into one so that we can teach the EMC students for half the day and the government students for half the day. I hope that made sense! I really enjoy teaching the combined Level 4 class. Josh had some very sweet and smart students in his class that I like interacting with in addition to my original children. Some of the students have written in their journals about the work that God is doing in them through the camp, and I am so thankful to God for this answer to prayer! Please pray that God would plant seeds through us and grow them to raise up men and women of the gospel! As we all pray daily for our students, it is such a blessing to know that the Lord will see and direct their lives even when we live. Josh and I (along with our co-teachers) have 13 students in the government-sponsored camp. They are really cute, but their English is definitely not as good as our EMC kids, so we are working on different skills and types of conversations with them.


one of the students' journals-pray for Aron!

Thanks for following along with us; please pray us through the end of our trip! God has been so good to us, and we want to be faithful through the end of the camp (and always!).
With love,

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