Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The End of a Battle, The Beginning of a War

Dear Friends and Family,
      Honestly, this was not an easy trip, but I am sad to say that these are our last three full days that we will be spending here in South Korea. This post is not an update on how we are doing, or on the things we have been doing the past week, but a charge.
      I thank you all so much for continuing to pray for us on this trip, but I would now like to ask, if you are willing, that you pray for our students. This past Sunday we were told that some of us would be taking on a new class of unbelievers. We were also told that seeing as they are part of a government camp, we would not be allowed to share the Truth with them. Our prayer is that seeds have been, or will be, planted with this group of kids. Please, pray for them! We are not allowed to openly approach them, so pray they will be influenced either by our actions, or by the students from the English Mission Camp.
      As for the group of kids we received last week, the encouragement we have received from them is like no other. As Jaime acknowledged in her post, one of our students (our classes combined so we could take on the new class) has said that prior to this camp, he did not know Christ, but now, through this camp, he has come to know Him. Pray for Aron!! Also, another student, Jacob, has written concerning how he has been affected through this camp, and how this camp has given him the desire to pursue God. He has written that he will devote himself to God from this day, until the end of his life. Pray for Jacob!!
      Although these are the only two students I mentioned, pray for the others as well! I just named these two for the ways that they particularly encouraged me. Work is being done in the lives of the others, and I charge you to pray for these young children. Being so young and spiritually feeble, they have targets painted on them. They may have won the particular battle of devoting themselves to Christ, but they have an entire war before them. There is a battle raging in side of us all, and that includes (especially so) young believers. Pray for all of the students, and keep the ones I mentioned specifically in mind. As Roger Squire said, "It ought to be as impossible to forget that there is a Christian in the house as it is to forget that there is a ten-year-old boy in it." In this case, they are the same thing. Don't forget them. Pray for them.



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