Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Weekend in Mungyeong

We are nearing the end of our weekend here in Mungyeong. I didn't have my weekly Sunday afternoon nap as is my habit, and I am tired! But we had a great day (:

Yesterday, we worked on our lesson plans in the morning, and one of the English Missions Camp (EMC) directors asked for volunteers to lead worship for the English service this morning. Somehow, the 5 of us became committed to help out along with our friend from California, Tallen. We spent the afternoon selecting and practicing the songs that we would sing. After dinner, Mrs. Baumann, Hannah, Valerie, Tallen, and I went on a walk together through the village surrounding the campus. The countryside here is so beautiful, and we paused to take pictures, look at spiders and flowers, and take in the smells of the village.

Today, we had worship in the late morning. It went really well, and as my friends already talked about in their posts (I urge you to read them if you haven't already!), the message was so encouraging, especially as we enter into the EMC. Pray that we would all joyfully give of ourselves to the Lord and to our students and to each other!

After lunch, we briefly met with the other EMC volunteers and received the stories of David to use for our homeroom Bible time in the mornings. We plan to incorporate reading, singing, prayer, videos, etc. to bring God's Word to our children. Please pray that their hearts would be open to our Savior! Tomorrow the students will arrive, and we will help with their placement tests and be part of an opening ceremony before classes start on Tuesday.

Then, we took 2 taxi cabs into the city of Mungyeong to go to Home Plus, a store similar to Target or Walmart. It was great to get off campus for a few hours! We shopped, bought groceries, and ate dinner. I had Red Bean Ice Flakes, a traditional Korean dessert that I was told to try! It was surprisingly good! It had shaved ice flakes, red beans, ice cream, corn flakes, cranberries, and sunflower seeds in it.

I pray you all have a sweet Sabbath as we did!
With love,

P.S. My pictures aren't loading properly, so I will try tomorrow!

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