Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I love teaching!

     It's about 5:30 p.m. here, and I've just finished my second full day of teaching. I absolutely LOVE it! I have a class of eight adorable ten year olds, four boys and  four girls, and although it's only been two days, I've connected with them all so much. When I was introduced to them a few nights ago, I broke the ice by teaching them one of my friends' favorite games, Ninja. They loved it and demand to play it every chance they get. I also love working with my Korean co-teacher, Bruce. He's hilarious and super good with the kids. He goes to school in Philly so I may actually get to see him back in the states!!
     Every morning, we have an hour long Bible class. I teach my kids Bible songs, memory verses, stories about King David (that's the theme of the class) and more. Shout out to Mrs. Franck for teaching me so many songs in first grade! They've been useful. After that, we move on to four one-hour-long English class periods. I work with them on their grammar, spelling, reading, pronunciation, and conversational skills. We frequently go over to "Miss. Hannah Teacher's" room and have class wars. We both teach level 3, so after we finish a lesson, our kids compete to test their skills. They get so into it! I also got recruited to be one of the music teachers, and I have to coach the child who is playing David in the camp play on his lines and teach him all the songs. Ironically, I know none of the songs either so I have to learn them all tonight in order to teach him his part.
     If you wouldn't mind, I'd like you all to pray for a few of my students over the next few days. Hannah and I both have students who are farther behind in their English than the others and get very discouraged. I also have a few students who don't know the Lord, and I'm trying my very best to teach them about Him in spite of the language barrier, but it is harder than I though it would be! And pray for Audra! She isn't feeling well and has been out for hours. We're hoping  it'll pass by morning because her class of kindergartners needs her!
   Thanks everyone-- That's all for now!!


  1. Evidently Mrs. Franck didn't teach you the right ones if you have to learn them!! :D Love that you remember the songs we DID sing together Val! Now it's YOUR turn for massages and hair brushing :)

  2. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job Valerie! It's very encouraging to hear about how you are really working on teaching the children about the Lord. We will be praying that the students ears and hearts will continued to be opened, that their understanding will increase and that the Lord will give you further revelation as to how to reach them. God bless you!