Saturday, July 27, 2013

     Praise The Lord, I found chocolate!!!! After two weeks, the little store by our cafeteria opened and I bought not one, but two Hershey's chocolate bars. Therefore, I deem today a good day😊.
     On a more serious note, we were pushed out of our comfort zones yet again today as we led this morning's worship. It's funny because right after we got done singing on stage last week, I looked at Hannah and said, "I'm never singing in front of a bunch of people again!" And she, of course, adamantly agreed. But sure enough, we found ourselves, once again, up on stage singing our hearts out. It was actually kind of fun though, and I'm glad I'm doing things I normally wouldn't feel comfortable doing.
    The sermon today was really good, and I heard the message loud and clear: we need to bring whatever we can offer to Christ, even if we're scared or have no special skills. This trip has been full of moments where I've panicked and looked at Mrs. Baumann with an "I can't do this" kind of attitude, and she's just keeps telling me to do my very best for Christ. And, magically, it always seems to work out! Our God is good. He can handle anything and everything, and through Him, so can I. So my team an I are going to keep offering up whatever we can, even if it doesn't seem like much. I hope you all enjoy your Sabbath as much as I've enjoyed mine!

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