Friday, July 26, 2013

Don't forget to look up...

God in His wisdom hasn't allowed us to see 'the big picture' of the English Mission Camp (EMC) yet. For a group of seven people that all REALLY like to have their plans made and well-organized, I think He's effectively gotten our attention and our dependence on Him is WAY UP!    

Rather than each of us being a teaching assistant in a given classroom for the next two weeks, we learned today that most of the Tall Oaks team will be the actual teachers in our given classrooms. We have spent that past two days pouring over our curriculum, writing lesson plans, decorating our classrooms and checking out some of Mr. Crismon's ESL resources online to use as a supplement!

I am so grateful for each one of these precious saints on this team! When the time is right, Josh is always ready with a timely, fitting verse of scripture. Jaime is a source of peace for us all. Audra is a combination of a constant calm and levity. Hannah asks good questions that always make me think just a little more deeply. Valerie continually makes me giggle and she consistently points out the good in every circumstance. And Matt has been a kind and thoughtful teammate who is willing to bring me an exhortation from our bible studies when I need them. Our faithful prayer partners and encouragers are ever with us as well. Your notes of encouragement mean so very much to each one of us! They are truly like manna to our souls! We so needed to hear as a team the words that Cathy Mercer sent from Is 12:2, Ps 61:2-4, & II Cor 3:18! My dear brother, Chris sent precious truth from Is 57:15 that quenched my thirsty soul tonight and Nina Mentzer and Lisa Crowe both sent Phil 4:6-7 that was a precious reminder.

Tonight after I had been stooped over my laptop at a picnic table working on two weeks worth of lesson plans I looked up at the sky and saw the first brush strokes of the sunset here in central South Korea. I thought I would share the beauty with you all. It was a good reminder to me to look up in the midst of much work, because God has so much more for me to see and enjoy in Him and His creation!

Thank you all for following us and praying for us. We are so encouraged by your comments, fb messages and emails! What a blessing!

Janet <><

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