Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Final, and Longest Leg

Dear Friends and Family,
      With home and my daily routine left behind, and two weeks of teaching ahead, I find myself (homesick as I may be) looking at the faces of my students in front of me, remembering why we all came. This message comes to you directly from one of our three daily twenty minute breaks, between busy classes filled with laughter and, oh yes, confusion.
      Teaching is proving successful so far, and hopefully will continue to be so. Being that it's only day one, I don't have much to report in the ways of classroom experiences, but I can certainly say it has been an entirely new journey! From classroom soccer with balls of paper, to being riddled with questions ranging from my age to my blood type (oh yes, my blood type), teaching seems as if it will push me even more so out of my comfort zone.
      If my trip so far could be summed up with one word, it would most definitely have to be (provided hyphens are allowed)  life-changing. The ways which the Lord has worked through us all on this trip have been, and continue to be, remarkable. My request to you all is that you continue to pray for us as our journey is on its last leg.
      I think I can safely say that we are all enjoying our time here, but at the same time, we all greatly miss our homes and those we left behind. With our time here having eclipsed its halfway point, we know our time is coming near to its end. Our days in Korea are dwindling, as is our strength in some areas. Please pray we will be given strength to finish out the race.
     The following prayer is a prayer from the Valley of Vision:
 Life-Giving God,
Quicken me to call upon thy name,
   for my mind is ignorant,
   my thoughts vagrant,
   my affections earthly,
   my heart unbelieving,
 and only thy Spirit can help my infirmities.
I approach thee as Father and Friend,
   my portion forever,
   my exceeding joy,
   my strength of heart.
I believe in thee as the God of nature,
   the Ordainer of providence,
   the sender of Jesus my Saviour.
My guilty fears discourage an approach to thee.
 But I praise thee for the blessed news
   that Jesus reconciles thee to me.
May the truth that is in Him
   illuminate in me all that is dark,
   establish in me all that is wavering,
   comfort in me all that is wretched,
   accomplish in me all that is of thy goodness,
   and glorify in me the name of Jesus.
I pass through a vale of tears
   but bless thee for the opening gate of glory
   at its end.
Enable me to realize as mine the better,
   heavenly country.
Prepare me for every part of my pilgrimage.
Uphold my steps by thy Word.
Let no iniquity dominate me.
Teach me that Christ cannot be the way
   if I am the end, 
   that he cannot be Redeemer
   if I am my own saviour,
   that there can be no true union with Him
   while the creature has my heart,
   that faith accepts him as Redeemer and Lord
 or not at all.
      My prayer of the day, and my suggestion to any who read who may find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.


  1. Josh,
    I am so often and continue to be amazed at the maturity you show. You have grown into an incredible young man. I teared (is that a word) up a bit reading your post. I have no doubt that you will continue to stand strong in the face of adversity. It's tough being so far from home but please know that we are all praying for you and the team. Can't wait till you get home to tell us all about your travels! Miss you :).... Paula Lanouette

  2. Im finally getting around to reading the blog!! To my surprise, your entry was the first post i read! Loved hearing your feelings thus far :) Im SO happy that you are experiencing God right where you are! Know you are thought of every single day (and being prayed for too)!!! Cant wait to hear in more detail the awesomeness of your trip! Sounds like God is really moving!! Hang in there :) I know this can be tough too!! LOVE YOU!

  3. Josh. i understand. I'm easily missed. don't worry, you'll see me soon. love bram

  4. I have yet to be asked my bloodtype. Impressive, and Godspeed.


  5. Mrs. Baumann is hiding Clif bars... just sayin.... I pray you all were privi to the chicken too!! You shoulda been praying with Mama B for crab bisque all along!! Do you know your blood type? Praying for a huge dose of God energy - I know you are loving the task given to you, and the faces you are being blessed with serving, and I know there are challenges that come along with that for each of you- You all are such a strength for us here at home Josh- what a joy and gift to see God's work through you and IN you. We miss you too, and the comforts of home are waiting.. but I know that the stretching that you all have done and are doing is going to resonate through the years ahead.. both for each of you, and for these amazing children that you all have fallen in love with. Thank you Matt, Janet, Audie, Hannah, Val, Jaime and You my son, for your persistence in giving yourselves for His purpose! Love you

  6. Josh you bless my heart! We are so proud of you and excited about the experience you are having over there. God is doing an amazing work through all of you. It will be exciting to see how He will continue to use this time you have spent to further grow you into a man of God, full of blessing, to those he will put in your care. We will be looking forward to hearing more about your trip when you return. We have missed seeing you this summer! Hang in there and we are continuing to pray for you :)